Twitter Is Getting Rid Of “Fleets” And Users Have Jokes About It (26 Tweets)

Have you heard the big news? Twitter is ending “Fleets.”

What’s a fleet, you ask? Well, it was a ripoff of Instagram stories (which were a ripoff of Snapchat stories) that Twitter tried starting in November of 2020. Apparently, they’re ending the experiment less than a year later, on August 3rd, 2021.

Here’s what the official Twitter account (on Twitter) said:

As soon as they announced the change, people responded sincerely and maturely. Just kidding. They tweeted a bunch of jokes on Twitter at the expense of the very platform they were using.

Good riddance, fleets! No one liked you.

Here are the funniest jokes people had about the news that Twitter is removing Fleets from its site:

1. Too soon.

2. Sometimes the best joke is the first one your think of.

3. Fitting.

4. Agreed.

5. Always a Simpsons quote for the moment.

6. Good for her.

7. A deep cut.

8. We all made bad decisions in 2020.

9. Nailed it.

10. RIP to those people.

11. I’m going to say it every day.

12. The Lord’s work.

13. There’s no in between.

14. Dunking on Twitter with a meme I saw in Fleets first.

15. Even UNO wants one.

16. Apparently, I was using fleets wrong.

17. Balance.

18. I think so.

19. Everyone agrees.

20. There’s plenty more to click.

21. See ya!

22. Very sad.

23. How it started. How it’s going.

24. For real.

25. Welp.

26. Finally!