50 Things Americans Do In Movies That Confuse Non-Americans

I love movies. Especially, when they were made for Americans by Americans. I’m not some xenophobic monster. I’m a narcissist. As far as I’m concerned, if movies are going to cost as much as they do, they might as well speak to me personally. And personally, I’d like to see more CGI dinosaurs fight each other. Other people, however, want to get out of their comfort zones. For many, that means watching movies from other countries and being surprised and confused about what people do in them. The following lists point out those moments.

I’d like to clear up a few questions right off the bat. Do Americans really eat like they do on screen? No, it’s worse. We’re all going full Buddy The Elf over here. Do we really yell so much? Yes. Are we all Ryan Gosling types? Yes. We’re hotter, actually.

Apparently, people from other countries besides the United States enjoy our movies too. To them, I say: “hell yeah.” Sadly, I don’t go out of my way to enjoy foreign films as much as I should. In fact, I have a very narrow focus. I watch South Korean revenge horror films and Disney movies, and that’s it. I feel like that covers both sides of the spectrum. Non-Americans consume a lot of American-made media, and they have some questions about America.

Here are the most interesting questions non-Americans have about America based on what they’ve seen in TV and movies:

1. Sadly, I do this whenever I see a pint of ice cream.

2. There’s a whole movie called EuroTrip.

3. The only way to start the day.

4. Maybe Americans can handle their booze?

5. People clap when the plane lands, so yeah.

6. I was left at camp, but yes.

7. That’s happy hour. Then we move on.

8. A bad parties, yes.

9. We take it more seriously than they do in movies.

10. I thought everyone did this.

11. Bad people do this. They are all American, I think.

12. Someone was being sarcastic when they said this.

13. Convenient for a plot point.

14. Americans can’t afford them because rent is too high.

15. Hide your kids, hide your wife.

16. Any roof will do. A building, a car. You name it.

17. For drinking.

18. We like feeding the drain animals smoothies.

19. Only on sitcoms.

20. No dishes to do!

21. I personally have never cared how anyone is doing.

22. Unfortunately, it’s out of control now.

23. Cook it.

24. Worse. People go back to class sweating.

25. No.

26. It was traumatizing, all right?

27. I do this. I will still fall asleep immediately.

28. Delicious.

29. Honestly, sort of. Yes.

30. My grandpa went after he swore once.

31. Mom made it nightly.

32. It’s called school spirit!

33. And for dinner.

34. All-American meal.

35. This one is a TV trope that annoys me. No one does this.

36. Not really. We do the lightbulb in the potato, though.

37. I’m not sure if everyone else does it, but you better believe I do it.

38. What kind of question is this? We do it every day.

39. One nation, under God!

40. Still feels dangerous.

41. You don’t need one. You need an older brother with gray in his beard.

42. Heck yes we do, nerd!

43. Best to get it out of the way early.

44. Yes.

45. I do it until my wife complains.

46. That’s all I eat most meals.

47. That’s to hide that the actor has no vomit coming out.

48. Not a specific place, but yeah, the woods?

49. Is that not where it belongs?

50. I did a fetal pig and learned nothing.