Movie Lovers Share What Looks Cool In Movies But Is Actually Terrible In Real Life

13. Going on a stakeout.

“My husband did one once. It basically consisted of sitting in a parking lot all night unable to turn the car on for heat or music and having to stare at the back entrance of a grocery store. He did it for 5 nights. Sounds incredibly boring.” –classic_elle

14. Going to a nightclub and actually talking to other human beings.

“There is so much space in night clubs in movies and the music is only loud enough to be in the background and you can have full conversations and the floors aren’t sticky.” –gradual_alzheimers

15. Cartoons said this would be faster.

“Digging a hole. Cartoons make it look so easy and quick. In reality hours of back-breaking work will get you six inches down.” –emsot

16. Attending high school looks fun in movies.

“We had literally 3 minutes between classes! And that was with three conjoined buildings — so sometimes you’d have to go down two floors, across and down half a floor, and then down another floor, just to get to your locker — and then possibly back to somewhere else. (Of course, if you had two or three classes in a row that were far from your locker, you just had to carry your books and materials for all those classes together.)

And we had 22 minutes for lunch. That includes waiting through the line and coming/going between your classes before and after.” –brndm

17. Getting knocked out.

“I fell down the stairs and hit my head…no other injuries but I was off work for 9 months with post concussion, sleeping 20hrs a day, hormones all fucked up (like I started randomly producing breast milk), no energy, constant hospital appointments to see neurologists, endocrinologists, have MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds…..not to mention in real life, often that one blow to the head kills people.” –Aurorafaery

18. Killing people.

“Yeah, killing someone hits different when you realize they’re a whole-ass person with a full life behind them, not generic video game NPCs whose only purpose is to spawn near you and get killed.” –CringeOverseer

19. Drugs.

“One of the biggest problems with meth and other hard drugs is they never accurately portray how things go down.

Very few H users just jam a needle in their arm first time for example, they start off smoking or snorting it. It’s not the massive insane high everyone thinks of, that’s from IV usage. Instead you’re super mellow and chill and everything is awesome, and you can maintain a high all weekend for like $10! Why is everyone so worried about this amazing wonder drug? You could live your whole life like this and be better for it! And then yeah… people try and do exactly that, but in a few weeks they’re hooked and fucked.” –Sparcrypt

20. Fighting people.

“Yeah, there’s a reason why the real badasses – Bruce Lee caliber fighters – when asked how to best win a real-life fight, they tend to say “Well, I would run away.” Fucking up your hands, scaring your friends, and getting into legal trouble is about all you get out of fighting, besides maybe a quick rush of endorphins.” –Relative_Count6087

21. Sex in the shower.

“It’s cramped and difficult to find a good angle, you can’t move too much without the risk of slipping, and water is a terrible lubricant.” –thehonestyfish

h/t Reddit: r/AskReddit