Movie Lovers Share What Looks Cool In Movies But Is Actually Terrible In Real Life

We all know what looks good on screen isn’t always fun in real life. For example, the end of the world where no one goes outside anymore turned out to be pretty boring. It felt less like I Am Legend and more like It Comes At Night.

Honestly, though, everything is better in movies. It’s called editing. They cut out the boring parts!

Whenever you see a movie that’s boring, remember that they had a chance to make it interesting the whole way through. But, also remember that karaoke or working in a “fun” office isn’t exactly as thrilling as it seems in RomComs.

Basically, if you’ve seen an activity on film, then you’ve seen it through rose-colored glasses. These Reddit users who adore movies know that fact and gave as many examples as possible.

Don’t get me wrong: some stuff gets rightfully depicted as bad. For instance, going to a zoo full of dinosaurs always seems to turn out bad. Today, though we’re focused on what looks fun but is actually terrible.

A film buff on Reddit asked: “What looks fun in movies, but in real life is miserable?” and the Internet had answers.

Here are the best examples people are sharing of what seems cool in movies but is actually terrible:

1. Owning a bakery or coffee shop.

“My favorite variant is the Hallmark universe where an artisinal chair maker can base his entire business around a single holiday and somehow make enough money to convince a single woman to give up her high-paying city job to live with him.” –inconspicuousdoor

2. Guns in general.

“Shooting a gun indoors with no ear protection.” –brandonfla

3. Being a lawyer.

“Yep, a trial is just the final stage of a long process of filing motion after motion and writing briefs (months or even years). By that point both sides know everything. There are no surprises. And most cases don’t go to trial anyway.” –ChronoLegion2

4. Don’t forget that Archeology is digging a lot of holes and finding nothing.

“They only show the glamorous artifact/fossil reveals. A few swishes of a brush and bam– priceless relic!

Forget all the tedious groundwork, painstaking site processing, and site prep. Not to mention you’ll be lucky to find anything easily recognizable. Hope you like bone and pottery shards or even literal ancient garbage.” –SparkyMountain

5. I know this one from experience.

“Fighting on top of a moving train. Always make me think of the Archer episode where he was so excited to fight a guy but soon found out the reality of it really sucks!” –7grendel

6. That’ll show ’em!

“Hanging up on people. In movies, it makes you look badass and mysterious. In real life, it makes you look like an inconsiderate asshole and will prompt a ‘WTF happenned?’ callback.” –SiriusXAim

7. Anything put in a montage.

“Urgh! Having trained like a Rocky montage before, fucking montages make it all look so sexy and amazing instead of months of hard work, early mornings, strict diets, and a lot of pain. I mean it’s very satisfying to achieve but I’d rather a 30-second montage.” –Sparcrypt

8. Sleeping in tall grass.

“I had a cinematic star-gazing experience with some friends, we lay in the grass and watched a meteor shower and talked about life. I found out the fun way the next morning that I was allergic to grass mites.” –an_ineffable_plan

9. Moving, painting, and fixing up houses or apartments.

“My brother convinced me to tear out my brick fireplace and we build one “by Christmas”. That was last drunksgiving. It’s the end of July now. Nothing but a torn out hole in my wall.” –lipsmaka

10. Office jobs.

“I have a wobbly desk in the corner of the office where my refurbished Dell from 6 years ago, struggles to output 1920×1080 youtube videos with no sound.

I’m the head of the IT department.

I wish I had big glass doors with facial recognition to get in, on a floor dedicated to everything being dark, a giant farm of servers all glowing blue that I have unabridged access too, and the ability to hack into any server anywhere on the planet with 10 lines of code or less; most of which is a giant ASCII logo.” –Wiltron

11. Living on a desert island.

“My dad actually DID run away and live alone on an island for a while (west coast of Canada where there’s loads of them), he always says that while it was nice, the problem with being entirely self-sufficient is that you have to spend such an enormous percentage of your time not dying, there just isn’t any time to appreciate being one with nature or living by the fruits of the earth or any of those hippy reasons you’d think to do it in the first place.

He also says he has no trouble eating things covered in sand as a result of the experience.” –suitcasedreaming

12. Reviving someone with CPR.

“Sadly, the person is probably dying anyway. It’s only 40% effective in cardiac arrests and even then only 10%-20% of those people go on to live past their hospital stay.

In the movies they like, pump 3 times and breathe into their mouth once and the person is miraculously on their feet and everyone applauds.” –macabrejaguar