29 People Who Claimed “I Am Very Smart” Before A Stranger Proved Them Wrong

If you’re a smart person, you probably keep it to yourself most of the time. Unless, of course, people insist you’re dumb all the time. Then, I guess you might stand up for yourself.

If no one asked, however, and you start rattling off your IQ or SAT scores, guess what… You’re probably not smart. You’re probably just a dork.

The following self-proclaimed “geniuses” from the Reddit forum r/iamverysmart really thought they were proving themselves. Instead, they wound up sounding like jerks.

Anyway, read these funny posts of “smart people” getting owned in the comments section. Then, go read a book.

Here are the funniest examples of self-proclaimed smart people getting outed as dumb:

1. Dang. Had to do it to him.

2. I’m hear to kick ass and misspell stuff.

3. When you definitely like jokes.

4. This person thought they read more than the joke-writer.

5. Anyway, I don’t have friends. He roasted himself.

6. Relax. It’s a video game.

7. Another Bukowski quote ruined.

8. Where have I heard that before?

9. I can handle the tough part.

10. Wow. Bad blood here.

11. Us smart people don’t need “fun.”

12. It surrounds me.

13. Hi, I take everything at face value because I’m a genius.

14. Actually…

15. You missed the point.

16. Gross is cancelled.

17. ESPN.

18. Hired.

19. Not that hard.

20. Those equations are easy if you can read.

21. My brain is quite large, thank you.

22. My parents did not love me.

23. Another joke lover.

24. Clearly, you don’t understand.

25. What a brag.

26. Wow. You showed them.

27. How lazy are you?

28. I feel like the date isn’t gonna go well.

29. So sick of people not understanding thermodynamics.

h/t Reddit: r/iamverysmart