People Roasting The News Won’t Change The News, But It’ll Make You Feel Better About It (25 Pics)

It’s tough reading the news these days. Frankly, a lot of it is so sad, you feel like cringing when you read the headline. Thankfully, people on Twitter can spin any story and make it funny.

While whatever The New York Post does already feels like Comedy, the people commenting on their stories are quick with puns and hilarious roasts. Honestly, it’s why I’m still on Twitter at all.

The world gets scarier every day. The ocean was literally on fire a bit ago. But, these people will make your day slightly brighter (if it’s not already brightened by the light of the ocean fire).

Enjoy the best jokes about the news I had time to find on Twitter today:

1. Mark nailed it.

2. Helpful.

3. Where is this movie??

4. Hit me up!

5. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

6. Ouch.

7. What would Jesus do?

8. Hate when this happens.

9. The best roast I’ve seen on Twitter.

10. I’m back.

11. Live from Chicago!

12. Relatable, sadly.

13. Sad news indeed.

14. What a joke!

15. This one is mostly about the headline.

16. Free ScarJo!

17. A tragedy.

18. You misspelled “on purpose.”

19. I hope it’s a lot!

20. Redundant.

21. Another bites the dust.

22. His life was flipped turned upside down by Navy SEALs.

23. We know who’s in charge.

24. The Lord’s work.

25. If you play Among Us, you know what’s coming.