Customer Tries To Intimidate Cashier By Saying He Knows The Owner, But Cashier Is Owner’s Son

Working in customer service can be a challenging and rewarding experience. While many customers are polite and respectful, there will inevitably be times when you encounter rude or impatient individuals. Dealing with these types of customers can be frustrating and stressful, but it’s important to remember that they are not a reflection of your abilities as a customer service representative.

Recently, a worker shared a story to reddit about this very subject. While working the front desk for his father’s company, a customer came in saying he knew the owner and it would be fine for him to take something in the store as trade for his pay on a job. Being the owner’s son, he knew this story was BS, and well, you can read on for the details.

People in the comments shred their sympathy, frustrations, and similar stories.

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