50 Funniest Fails We’re Glad Happened To Someone Else This Week (February 19, 2024)

We all have rough days, but these people had the roughest this week.

Let’s face it, life has a way of throwing curveballs when we least expect them, and chances are, it’ll be your turn to take the brunt of it at some point. That’s why it’s important to enjoy the times when it’s happening to someone else.

Revel in a little schadenfreude as we round up the funniest fails of the week. It’s a gentle reminder that we’re all human, and sometimes, all you can do is laugh at the absurdity of it all.”

1. This is what happens when you leave a case of pop in the truck of your car when the overnight temp is -32°C

2. That looks like it hurt.

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3. Almost one bite too far.

4. That’s a 15 230€ ice cream you are looking at.

5. The plane I just boarded. The flight attendant didn’t seem worried, but, I am.

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6. My wife’s dog hates our Roomba.


8. I accidentally ripped out my eyelashes an hour before I got married.

9. My girlfriend found a bandaid in her food… well, in her mouth really…


11. When you get on the airplane for a long flight and open your AirPods case only to find it empty.

12. First day back to college and the hot chocolate machine had ants inside it.

13. My glass coffee table just exploded.

14. This is my view from the bathroom floor, looking at the hole in the ceiling I just fell through.

15. This dog ate my neighbors food delivery.

16. I don’t paint often, so I was really proud of myself for remembering to wear gloves this time.

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17. absolutely shattered …

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18. Guy at Worked dropped so much Oil we got invaded by the US Government.

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19. Guy dropped a $40,000 pallet of glass on his first day.

20. She Has Separation Anxiety

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21. Had an air purifier running for over a year with the filter covered in plastic the whole time.

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22. Just baked this cake and ate one piece, came back and the dog licked the icing off as far as she could reach.

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I was babysitting my cousin while her dad was away on business. He told me dinner is in the freezer. Yum, battery and broccoli. Just like mom used to make.

24. Almost done with half my bagel when I noticed…

25. Bought one of those ear cleaners with a camera and just pulled out a contact lens. I have no idea how long it was in there.

26. Guess what kind of animal nonchalantly pushed my mug from the table.

27. Door handle broke off at the gas station… With the car running.

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28. I work at a dealership and this happened yesterday right when I was leaving. Poor woman also had a funeral to attend right after her oil change.

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29. Japan’s “Killing Stone” breaks in half after 1,000 years. Legend has it that the demonic spirit trapped inside is now free to wreak havoc on the land.

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30. The bottom of my glass fell off somehow and made a mess…

31. My beer was double canned.

32. Just pulled into our campsite 450 miles away from home.

33. What it looks like to win a standard weekend day


35. Friend’s dad made some cayenne rolls from scratch tonight. He thought he was using cinnamon. The rolls had no cinnamon.

36. Testing out our new printer. Left the room for 5 minutes and came back to this.

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37. Bought a PS5 for my son’s birthday. Someone at UPS swapped it out with a rock.

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38. Dropped 10 pounds of beads on the floor today at work. Boss was not happy.

39. The only path back to my room blocked by cute but incredibly angry sea lions.

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40. Came home from work to find out my dog destroyed my feather pillow.

41. Cars frozen from seawater arriving to Vladivostok port.

42. I had a Hawaiian Punch can from 1992 on a display case and it developed a pin sized hole and pissed all over my head.

43. The cheese won.

44. I have to go to the bathroom and my roommate is snoring next to the toilet after a night drinking.

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45. Neighbor just got a Supra a few weeks ago.

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46. My puppy ate my passport.

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47. I’ve been looking for my glasses for 3 days.

48. I was cruising about 50mph, then the plastic snapped.

49. Eggsactly what he feared would happen.

50. When you’re stopping for gas, and now you’re stranded with a full tank of gas. I drive an old 97 Toyota.