47 Hilariously Bad Examples Of Oddly Terrible Design We Saw This Month

Crappy design is everywhere. In fact, you probably barely notice it until someone else points it out. Then, you can’t unsee it. It’s like the end of The Usual Suspects.

The poor design choice was right under your nose. Look, I’m not saying I could do a better job. Frankly, I couldn’t be trusted to make a diorama in school that didn’t look like trash. Literal trash.

The janitor threw mine away and I got an F. Anyway, these designs are somehow worse, often to the point of being funny.

If you’re thinking of becoming a designer of any kind, might I suggest going to some sort of school where they teach it? At least you can find out if you’re good at it early on before you ruin a school library or a children’s toy. Not everyone is a visual person.

Honestly, I’m more of a writer than anything else, and I suck at that too. So, don’t fret. Plenty of other jobs out there for idiots like us.

For now, let’s enjoy these crappy designs from Reddit.

Here are the funniest crappy designs I had time to find this month:

1. It used to say “Be A Problem Solver”

2. “Looking at new houses and I find this gem of a bathroom! Hope you don’t have to pee at night or get out of the tub wet!!”

3. When you’re in room 920

4. “When you have to explain your hand sink is not a urinal”


6. My head hurts.

7. Ah, yes. French pizza.

8. Hire a graphic designer so there aren’t zombies coming up from the ground.

9. Toilet paper only dispensed outside the stalls.

10. Great elevator design. No notes.

11. Follow someone home.

12. Might want to move that photo.

13. “Tackling” should be a little bigger.

14. Which is it??

15. “Possibilities”

16. “Be Kind” or Bekehel?

17. Coffee what?

18. It looked cute on paper.

19. Way your goal rules.

20. Is that in the Bible?

21. Sober October ad with people drinking on it.

22. This is not a good way to display numbers.

23. Which floor has what?

24. The Os won.

25. Just put that room anywhere.

26. Mmm. Closet space.

27. Build Not Homes.

28. “Randomly turning the last letter of every word red for no particular reason.”

29. Only fits eleven eggs.

30. Cann Ot Re Ad

31. Let’s not deconstruct this sign.

32. No privacy in this house.

33. Cool design that looks like a bunch of grease stains.

34. Oh no.

35. Accessible elevator that is not accessible.

36. Wear U Well Wait

37. Can’t tell the pieces apart.

38. Very useful notebook right here.

39. Great shower experience.


41. Stop button right by the knee.

42. Rethink these shorts.

43. Name that Pokemon!

44. Urinal in Germany that leaves nothing to the imagination.

45. Yellow on yellow menu.







h/t Reddit: r/CrappyDesign