Tastefully Offensive

Jan 21, 2018

Ready Player One: 'See the Future' Featurette

Warner Bros. Pictures just released this 3-minute featurette about the making of Steven Spielberg's upcoming 2018 science-fiction adventure film, Ready Player One, that's based on Ernest Cline's novel of the same name. See Ready Player One in theaters on March 30th, 2018.

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Toto's 'Africa' Performed on the 'Floppotron' Computer Hardware Orchestra

Polish musician and engineer Paweł Zadrożniak performs a fantastically geeky cover of Toto's 1982 pop classic, "Africa," on his computer hardware orchestra, aka "The Floppotron," which features 64 floppy drives, 8 hard drives, and 2 scanners.

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Saturday Night Live: What Even Matters Anymore

Three contestants try to figure out if the things Donald Trump does and says even matter anymore on the game show, What Even Matters Anymore, hosted by Veronica Elders (Jessica Chastain).

John Cena Teaches Hugh Jackman How to Reverse Trash Talk

In this amusing clip from a recent episode of The Late Late Show, WWE wrestling star and actor John Cena teaches Australian actor Hugh Jackman the art of reverse trash talking.

How Goat Yoga Became the Latest Workout Craze

CBS Sunday morning's Luke Burbank visits a farm in Albany, Oregon to learn how a yoga class involving adorable goats sparked a new workout craze that's taking over social media.