Tastefully Offensive

May 24, 2015

Baby Lamb Shakes His Groove Thing

Peter Pan the baby lamb from the Edgar's Mission animal sanctuary in Lancefield, Victoria, Australia adorably shakes his tail whenever he gets belly scratches from his caretaker, Pam.


Guy Takes Daily Photos of Himself for 16 years

Homer, Alaska-based artist and video editor JK Keller has taken a self-portrait every day for the last 16 years for his ongoing daily photo project, from October 1, 1998 (age 23) to the present.

[jk keller]

Puppy Hula Hoop

A golden retriever puppy becomes the world's cutest hula hoop when he catches his tail and chases it in circles around a boy.


Shark Loves Getting Belly Rubs

A zebra shark from the Aquarium des Lagons in Nouméa, New Caledonia, appears to get a big smile on his face when a diver doing maintenance stops to give him belly rubs and scratches.

[aquariumdeslagons1/via dpf]

Tortoises Compete in Zoopolis 500 Race

Move over, Indianapolis 500. The greatest spectacle in tortoise racing took place on Wednesday when the five speediest radiated tortoises from Indiana's Indianapolis Zoo competed in the zoo's 36th annual Zoopolis 500 race.

Here's a local news segment about the race:

[indianapoliszoo/via cuteoverload]