Tastefully Offensive

Dec 21, 2014

Evil Christmas Pranks

Household Hacker demonstrates six evil Christmas-themed pranks that you can play on your friends and family (in-laws) this holiday season.


Saturday Night Live: Cat Rescue Commercial

Barbra and Ashely from Whiskers R' We cat rescue show off some of their most eligible catchelors.

[hulu] (outside the U.S. copy)

Saturday Night Live: Christmas Serial

Sarah Koenig (played by Cecily Strong) investigates the story of Kris Kringle in this SNL spoof of the podcast phenomenon, Serial.

[saturdaynightlive] (outside the U.S. copy)

Saturday Night Live: Office Christmas Party

An office Christmas party goes from boring to bangin' when everyone cuts loose.

[saturdaynightlive] (outside the U.S. copy)

Dr. Evil Interrupts SNL's Cold Open to Address the Sony Hack

Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) from Austin Powers interrupts a Sam Smith Christmas special to deliver a message to North Korea and Sony Pictures about the hack and pulling the plug on The Interview.

[saturdaynightlive] (outside the U.S. copy)