Tastefully Offensive

Oct 25, 2014

LeVar Burton Reads 'Go the F**k to Sleep'

While making an appearance on Rooster Teeth's Extra Life charity drive, actor and Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton gives a live reading of Adam Mansbach's popular kids' book for adults, "Go the F**k to Sleep."

(PG-13 language) [mkmcnll]

Cockatiel Shakes Its Laffy Taffy

Peanut the Cockatiel adorably bobs and dances to rapper D4L's "Laffy Taffy"

[scott dobyns]

Wife Laughs Hysterically When Husband Gets Stung By Wasp

After a long day at work Jimmy's wife told him they needed to buy something to get rid of the wasps nest on their house. In typical male fashion, Jimmy explained to his wife that they could simply knock the nest off with a stick. His wife knew better and got out the camera to tape his heroic attempt to whack the nest - and I'm sure you can imagine exactly what happened next.

[thefunpro/via dpf]

Things Disney Princesses Do That'd Be Weird If You Did Them

No matter how much it might hurt to admit, you will never be able to live your life like a Disney Princess. They can get away with pretty much anything - living with 7 guys, brushing their hair with eating utensils, and sleeping for days at a time - and don't forget the magic powers. Here's what would happen to any normal human who tried to get away with the shenanigans they pull.

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Thurston the Bobcat Plays Pumpkin Soccer

Thurston Howell the bobcat struggles to keep the "ball" in bounds while practicing his soccer skills with a mini-pumpkin. This is one of the many ways the staff at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida help enrich the lives of their rescued animals.