Tastefully Offensive

May 25, 2018

Meet Boris, the Indiana State Fair's Biggest Hog

Dave Paddock, the owner of Diamond Farms in Anderson, Indiana, chats with IndyStar chats with about his son's humungous pet hog, Boris. Boris, who weighs a whopping 1,130 pounds, earned the title of Indiana State Fair's largest hog in 2017.

Dog Makes Friends With Baby Deer

Apollo Frankie from Acworth, Georgia shared this cute video of her bull terrier, Frankie, sweetly befriending an adorable newborn baby fawn in her backyard.
"Last night Frankie found a newborn fawn in our yard. She played with it until the mom started loitering around and I took her inside. Frankie cried all night for this little one, she wanted to go back out to see her so badly. We left the gate open overnight and momma deer must have led her baby to a safer spot. Nature is rad!"

Cory Kahaney Stand-Up 'Conan'

New York-based comedian Cory Kahaney shares the secret to a lasting marriage, and talks about her classic 1964 Model V in this funny stand-up routine from Thursday night's episode of Conan.

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The Best Fails of the Month: May 2018

(PG-13: content) Fail Army presents an entertaining, cringe-inducing roundup of the funniest and craziest fail videos that hit the Internet during the month of May 2018.

Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' as a Heavy Metal Song

Oltedal, Norway-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios gives a fantastic metal makeover to Michael Jackson's 1988 pop classic, "Smooth Criminal." Watch the original "Smooth Criminal" music video below.

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