Tastefully Offensive

Oct 27, 2016

Guy Faceplants While Trying Virtual Reality for the First Time

This poor guy falls down flat on his face while experiencing a rock climbing simulator on an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for the first time.

Martha Stewart, Anna Kendrick, and Snoop Dogg Play 'Never Have I Ever' on 'Ellen'

In this funny clip from The Ellen Show, actress Anna Kendrick, rap legend Snoop Dogg, and media mogul Martha Stewart play a revealing game of "Never Have I Ever" with host Ellen DeGeneres.

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How to Get Away With Being Late for Work

The latest sketch from Dublin, Ireland-based comedy group Foil Arms & Hog provides a collection of go-to tricks and excuses for when you show up late to work.

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Cuddly Koala Demands Tummy Rubs

Wolverine, the koala, from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia, requests continuous belly rubs from his new human friend, wildlife photographer Mandie Lee.

Inventor Mark Rober's Creatively Creepy Halloween Pranks

In this clip from a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, inventor and former Nasa engineer Mark Rober shares some of his favorite Halloween pranks and decorations with Jimmy Kimmel.

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