Tastefully Offensive

Oct 22, 2016

Amazing Ping Pong Trick Shots by Pongfinity

The four members of the Finnish ping pong trick shot team, Pongfinity, show off their skills in this amazing compilation of some of their best tricks, so far.

Basset Hound is Obsessed With Pizza

Ray Mccrossan shared this amusing video of his pizza-loving basset hound standing on her tippy-paws to express her interest in his slice of pizza.

Animal Expert Dave Salmoni Introduces Conan O'Brien to a Spider Money and Coyote Cub

In this clip from an episode of Conan, host Conan O'Brien gets to know a shy spider money and an affectionate coyote cub with animal expert and Animal Planet host, Dave Salmoni.

How Is Prangent Formed?

(PG-13 content) YouTube user J.T. Sexkik reads some of the hilariously misspelled pregancy-related questions found on Yahoo!'s community-driven question-and-answer site, Yahoo! Answers.

Eric the Crazy Cockatoo Has a Drinking Problem

Sharon Curle's famously sassy Australian bare-eyed cockatoo, Eric, aka "Eric the Legend," frantically digs through the recycle bin in search of beer.
"Eric loves beer, no we don't give him beer!, my son Brayden is the only one that drinks beer in the house and Eric will go to the end of the earth to find a beer can. Brayden thought hiding them would work but nooooooo!"
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