Tastefully Offensive

Oct 13, 2015

Cat Can't Decide How He Wants to Come Inside

This clever cat has figured out how to open the door when he wants to come inside, but old habits die hard.

[S Hale/via sugarwaterprpl3]

Guy Performs Insane Spinning Bowling Trick Shot

Mike Long, a bowling trick shot artist and Jedi (probably) from Springfield, Missouri, performs an unexplainable spinning bowling ball trick shot that doesn't require a slow motion instant replay.

[mikelong300/via reddit]

Stephen Colbert's Rejected TED Talks

In this new Late Show segment "RejecTED Talks," host Stephen Colbert shares some TED Talks that didn't quite make the cut.

[The Late Show]

The Rose Gold iPhone is Not Gay

(PG-13 language) In this new Apple parody sketch from College Humor, Apple's Senior VP of Design Jony Ive and CEO Tim Cook respond to the ridiculous comments made on social media about the new rose gold-colored iPhone 6s.

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[College Humor]

If Parents Were Honest

The latest edition of Buzzfeed's "Honest" video series reveals some of the things most parents wish they could get away with saying to their kids and other parents.

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