Tastefully Offensive

Jan 16, 2017

Running Guy Filmed by Drone Looks Like Real Life Video Game

In this brilliant video from Diffraction, Astro Kit, and LEAP, parkour athlete and daredevil Ilko "Ill" Iliev looks like a character from Grand Theft Auto 2 video game as he traverses through several epic environments while being filmed overhead with a drone.

[via shadowmarn]

A Musical Remix of Disney's 'Robin Hood' by Pogo

Australian musician and remix artist Nick Bertke, aka "Pogo," has created this catchy musical remix, titled "Grow Fonder," out of clips and sound bites from Disney's classic 1973 animated musical adventure-comedy film, Robin Hood.

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Dude Perfect's Extreme Marksmen Trick Shots

The members of the Dallas, Texas-based trick shot group "Dude Perfect" perform a series of amazing archery, rifle, pistol, and blow gun trick shots in this video inspired (and sponsored) by the upcoming action film, xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

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Obama and Biden's Shawshank Redemption

Los Angeles-based editor Todd Spence pokes fun at the famous and beautiful bromance between President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in this amusing parody of the ending of the classic 1994 drama film, The Shawshank Redemption.

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Diver Makes Friends With Adorable Harbor Seal

While recently diving at San Carlos Beach in Monterey, California, photographer Kayvon Malek had an unforgettable encounter with an extremely friendly harbor seal.
"This harbor seal and I played like this for over 30 minutes. He kept swimming and chasing me around. When I finally had to swim back in, he kept tugging my fin to pull me back. Definitely an experience I won't forget."