Tastefully Offensive

Feb 25, 2017

Singing One Syllable Out-of-Sync

(PG-13 language) While recently performing a live show in Coventry, England, comedic musician Jay Foreman demonstrated his unique ability of singing any song with one syllable out-of-sync.

Carmen Lynch Stand Up on 'The Late Show'

New York-based comedian Carmen Lynch talks about the joys of dating men in their 40s, her hatred of cats, and the things that keep her up at night in this funny stand-up routine from Friday night's episode of The Late Show.

NY NY Land (A 'La La Land' Parody)

(PG-13 content) The latest sketch from New York-based comedy duo Jeff Ayars and Dan Rosen, aka "Cannibal Milkshake," hilariously imagines a New York City version of critically-acclaimed 2016 musical comedy-drama film, La La Land.
"An aspiring billionaire and a pizza enthusiast fall in love in what critics are calling 'The Wolf of Wall Street plus Annie Hall for the 1%.'"
Previously sketch: Canadian Sniper (American Sniper Parody)

Stephen Colbert Gets Astronaut Training at NASA Headquarters

In this funny clip from Friday night's episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert travels down to Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida in hopes of getting the necessary training to participate in upcoming missions to NASA's newly discovered earth-sized planets.

Playful Snow Leopard Accidentally Slides Down Snowy Stairs

While visiting the Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaidō, Japan, Twitter user Mariko filmed this cute video of Richt-kun, the snow leopard, taking an unexpected trip down some snow-covered steps, while playing with his favorite toy. Watch another clip of Richt and his rubber ball, below.