Tastefully Offensive

Aug 31, 2016

The First Season of 'Stranger Things' Acted Out in 3 Minutes

Four friends, Kamari Copeland, Mario Jose, Scott Hoying, and Mitch Grassi (you may know Scott and Mitch from the popular a cappella group, Pentatonix) humorously (and surprisingly accurately) reenact the entire first season of Netflix's hit '80s-inspired supernatural horror series, Stranger Things, in just over three minutes.

John Green Tests Parenting Life Hacks

In this special life hacks edition of Mental Floss' "List Show" series, host John Green tests the usefulness of 25 parent-related life hacks he discovered on the Internet.

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Steve-O Shatters His Ankle Performing Crazy Skateboard Stunt

(Warning: gross) 42-year-old stunt performer, comedian, and former Jackass member, Steve-O, reveals how he recently broke both of his ankles while attempting a gnarly skateboard stunt, involving a car and wooden porta potty, with pro skateboarder, Danny Way.

100 Years of Women's Shoe Fashion

In the latest edition of their "100 Years of Fashion" series, Mode looks back at the evolution of women's high-heeled shoe fashion by showcasing the popular style trends of each decade, from the 1910s to today, and beyond.

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Glove and Boots: Shakespeare Translated

Fafa, the Groundhog, from the puppet comedy series, "Glove and Boots," helps his brash New Yorker cousin, Johnny T, understand William Shakespeare's classic tragedy, "Romeo and Juliet."

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