Tastefully Offensive

May 23, 2017

Gal Gadot and Jimmy Fallon Play 'Box of Lies'

In this clip from Tuesday night's episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, play the Tonight Show game, "Box of Lies," where they take turns trying bluff each other on what strange items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Maru the Cat Turned 10-Years-Old Today

One of the Internet's most famous and beloved cats, Maru, the Scottish Fold cat from Japan, turned ten today. To celebrate, Maru's human put together a montage of some of Maru's many adorable moments. Happy Birthday, Maru!

Parents Tell Their Kids How They Lost Their Virginity

(PG-13 content) In the latest video from Cut, parents sit down with their kids to awkwardly reveal how and when they lost their virginity. In the video below, the kids turn the tables and tell their parents how and when they lost their virginity.

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Meet Chester Zoo's Adorably Tiny Twin Baby Elephant Shrews

The Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England shared this adorable video of their newborn ping pong ball-sized twin baby round-eared elephant shrews (aka round-eared sengi), who've been given the appropriate nicknames, Ping and Pong.
"They may be tiny but our new sengi duo are hugely fascinating creatures, whose closest living relative is eight thousand times their size. They were once thought to be linked to the shrew but their genetic makeup is actually closer to that of an elephant - the giveaway is their amazing trunk-like snout.

Sengis are extremely energetic little critters and have a top speed of 18mph. If scaled up, they would actually be twice as quick as the world’s fastest land mammal – the cheetah. They’re incredibly charismatic and one of the very few mammals that pair up for life."

16 Dogs Patiently Wait for Their Names to be Called

In this video from the K9 Country Club doggy daycare in Yakima, Washington, sixteen incredibly well-trained dogs listen for their names to be called (except for distracted Echo) by their caretaker, Laurie Mosher, before exiting their outdoor play area.