Tastefully Offensive

Feb 26, 2017

Cat Talks to Himself While Stalking Birds

Derek Zimmerman shared this cute video of his cat, Charlie, adorably chattering up a storm while eagerly watching and stalking birds on the patio.

More Tiny Trump

Evil Ice Cream Pictures is back with another hilarious collection of clips of Donald Trump as a tiny, pocket-sized president (watch part one).

Puppy Repeatedly Jumps Into His Human's Arms

In this cute video from Queensland, Australia, Indie, the golden retriever puppy, takes adorable leaps of faith off a bed into his human's arms. See more of Indie's cuteness on his Instagram page.

Feb 25, 2017

Singing One Syllable Out-of-Sync

(PG-13 language) While recently performing a live show in Coventry, England, comedic musician Jay Foreman demonstrated his unique ability of singing any song with one syllable out-of-sync.

Carmen Lynch Stand Up on 'The Late Show'

New York-based comedian Carmen Lynch talks about the joys of dating men in their 40s, her hatred of cats, and the things that keep her up at night in this funny stand-up routine from Friday night's episode of The Late Show.