Tastefully Offensive

Nov 16, 2018

Simon's Cat Thanksgiving Collection

British animator Simon Tofield put together this amusing collection of the Thanksgiving and food-themed "Simon's Cat" animated short films from previous years. The collection begins with the brand new short titled "Festive Feast."

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Jonah Hill Breaks Down His Most Iconic Movie Roles

Talented actor Jonah Hill sits down with GQ Magazine to tell behind-the-scenes stories about some of his most memorable movie characters from Superbad, The Wolf of Wall Street, This is the End, War Dogs, and more.

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Ozzy Man's Commentary on Instant Karma

(PG-13: language) Perth, Australia-based comedian Ethan Marrell, aka "Ozzy Man Reviews," adds amusing commentary to clips of the universe dishing out some instant justice to jerks and criminals.

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The Best Fails of the Week

(PG-13: content) Fail Army presents a cringe-causing compilation of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the third week of November 2018.

Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres Go to Costco

In this clip from Thursday's episode of The Ellen Show, host Ellen DeGeneres and former First Lady Michelle Obama visit a Costco store in Los Angeles to do some shopping and set up an impromptu book signing for Michelle's new book, "Becoming."