Tastefully Offensive

Apr 29, 2016

An Modern Trailer for the Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Thailand-based video editor Medley Weaver created this fantastic modernized trailer for the original three films in the Star Wars saga.

[Medley Weaver]

Ferret Makes Stuffed Dog Toy Dance

A squirmy little ferret makes this toy stuffed dog appear to come to life and do a little dance.

[Kyoot Animals]

How to Own Your Own Mech Robot

In this episode of "Epic How To," host Joe Bereta humorously explains everything you need to know to get your hands on a giant mech robot.

Previous episodes: How to Become President, How to Deliver a Baby, How to Become a Ninja

[AWE me]

Cockatoo Likes Getting Her Makeup Done

In this short but cute clip, KiKi, the umbrella cockatoo, gets her blush and eyeshadow done with makeup brush (there isn't actually any makeup on the brush).

[Stefany Villegas]

Poo Emoji Pancake Art

For his latest pancake masterpiece, artist TigerTomato creates a detailed pancake version of the beloved smiling poo emoji.

Previous pancakes: Deadpool, The Simpsons, Nyan Cat, SpongeBob SquarePants