Tastefully Offensive

Oct 19, 2018

Senior Citizens React to Lil Wayne

(PG-13: language) In the latest episode of The Fine Brother's "Elders React" series, a group of senior citizens react to the biggest hits from rapper Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., aka Lil Wayne.

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Your Daily Dose of Internet

Be amazed and amused by clips of a very convincing toupée, a cat enjoying a creepy massage, and more, in the October 19th, 2018 edition of the YouTube series Daily Dose of Internet.

Political Comedy is the Worst

(PG-13: language) In the latest sketch from College Humor, the College Humor cast reluctently brainstorm ideas when they're asked to do more political comedy sketches.

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The Best Pet Videos of the Week

The Pet Collective put together this entertaining collection of the best and funniest pet videos that hit the Internet during the third week of October 2018.

Ozzy Man's Commentary on Man vs. Plastic Chair

(PG-13: language) Perth, Australia-based comedian Ethan Marrell, aka "Ozzy Man Reviews," adds amusing commentary to a clip of a man picking a fight with an outdoor plastic chair.

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