Tastefully Offensive

Aug 2, 2015

Puppy Fills Up Pool All by Herself

A six-month-old yellow labrador retriever puppy named Maddie clumsily attempts to fill up her kiddie pool with a garden hose.

[Charlie Ogard/via Safe4work]

'Zoolander 2' Official Teaser Trailer

Here's the official first look at Zoolander 2 (aka 2oolander), the highly-anticipated upcoming sequel to the 2001 fashion comedy, Zoolander. The film, which stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penélope Cruz, and Kristen Wiig, comes to U.S. theaters on February 12, 2016.

[Paramount Pictures]

Office Space Jam

The office where Jake H. works is getting shut down, so he spent his last few days of work putting together this montage of epic slam dunks set to the Space Jam theme song by Quad City DJ's.
"Office layoffs. just me and that 6' hoop for my final days."
[Jake H/via constantlyoff]

Dog Taught Himself to Drink from Fridge Water Dispenser

Max, the clever German Shepherd dog, figured out how to drink from the refrigerator water dispenser all by himself.

[Amanda Hathhorn/via Arbroath]

Aug 1, 2015

Cat Loves Bananas

Mao the ginger tabby cat adorably demonstrates his obsession with bananas.

[Rudy Van]