Tastefully Offensive

Feb 5, 2016

Girl Invents Lipstick-Applying Robot

In this short video, Swedish inventor and electronics enthusiast, Simone Giertz, of Breakfast Machine and Wake-Up Machine fame, demonstrates her latest invention, The Lipstick Robot.
"I programmed a uArm robot to help me put on lipstick. I'm not sure how well this color goes with my skin tone."
[Simone Giertz]

101 Facts About Batman

Sam from 101 Facts humorously shares a huge collection of little-known facts about the history and many iterations of the iconic comic superhero, Batman, over the last 77 years.

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A Bad Lip Reading of the 2015-16 NFL Football Season (Part 2)

As promised, Bad Lip Reading presents part two of his hilarious redubbing of clips of players, coaches, and referees from the 2015-16 NFL football season.

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Jeff Goldbum and Rapper Lil' Wayne Are 'Movin' On Up' in Apartments.com's Super Bowl 2016 Commercial

In this extended Super Bowl 50 ad from Apartments.com, Jeff Goldbum sings The Jeffersons theme song while riding a piano up to rapper Lil' Wayne and George Washington's deluxe apartment in the sky.


Blind Chicken Looks Adorable with Googly Eyes

Mumble, the chicken, who was born without eyes, shows off her new googly eyes mask that her owner made with a pipe cleaner (the mask is soft and can easily be flicked off).