Tastefully Offensive

Aug 21, 2017

John Oliver on Nuclear Waste

(PG-13 language) For the main segment of Sunday night's episode of HBO's satirical news series, Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver takes a look the United States' long history of mismanaging nuclear waste from energy and military production.
"Nuclear waste poses a serious threat to public health if it's not stored in a safe place. John Oliver explains why the United States desperately needs to build a metaphorical toilet for all that waste."
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Aug 20, 2017

Deaf People Teach Us Bad Words in Sign Language

(PG-13 language) In the latest video from Cut, a group of deaf people humorously demonstrate American Sign Language (ASL) versions of the most commonly-used swear words.

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'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 9 Official Trailer

HBO just released the first sneak peek at the upcoming ninth season of Larry David's long-running comedy series, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Season nine premieres on HBO on October 1, 2017.

Grant Thompson Shares Cool Life Hacks on 'The Tonight Show'

In this clip from Friday night's episode of The Tonight Show, popular YouTuber Grant Thompson, aka "The King of Random," demonstrates some cool party and camping life hacks, and host Jimmy Fallon shares a few not-so-impressive life hacks of his own.

Casey, Illinois: A Tiny Town That's Home to Many Giant Things

Conor Knighton from CBS Sunday Morning takes a trip to Casey, Illionis, a small town between St. Louis and Indianapolis, that's home to many over-sized objects, including the world's largest rocking chair, golf tee, pitchfork, mailbox, and many more.