Tastefully Offensive

May 28, 2016

Guy Performs Insane Chainsaw Stunt on 'Britain's Got Talent'

In this clip from tonight's episode of Britain's Got Talent, Alexandr Magala, a street performer from Moldova, returns to the show (previously) to shock the audience and judges with an even crazier stunt involving a chainsaw.

[Britain's Got Talent]

Puppy Bowling

In this short but cute clip, Fuji, the Jack Russell terrier puppy, adorably tackles six large plastic water bottles like a furry little bowling ball.

Here's another cute video of Fugi attacking a single bottle.

[Elliot Milofsky]

Tony Hawk Performs Skateboard Tricks in Zero Gravity

Sony gave skateboarding icon, Tony Hawk, and pro skater, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, the opportunity to attempt to pull off some skateboard tricks while completely weightless in a Zero G plane.


Hamburger Pancake Art

For his latest pancake masterpiece, artist TigerTomato meticulously makes a pancake in the shape of tasty looking cheeseburger.

Previous pancakes: Deadpool, The Simpsons, Nyan Cat, SpongeBob SquarePants

[Tiger Tomato]

How to Troll Your Friends With Facebook Messenger

While performing stand-up at Universe Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota, comedian Turner Barrowman hilariously explains how to mess with your friends using Facebook Messenger.

[Boy Kisses/via Beenusse]