Hate Working? People Are Sharing The Worst Jobs To Have In 2020

All jobs suck. 2020 made jobs suck harder. People on Reddit are sharing the worst jobs they’ve had this year. Whether their old job turned worse or they had to go out and find a new job during the lockdown, people acknowledged that this year made work weird. “Working” during 2020 either means you have a job that feels fake and non-essential (like sharing memes on the Internet for money) or you have a job that if you quit, society would crumble (like health workers, sanitation workers, and the people making sure the Netflix servers don’t crash). The people of r/askreddit have answers you may not have thought of.

People share the worst jobs they’ve had in 2020 to make you feel better about your job:


“Event planner.” –llcucf80


“Being a paramedic kinda sucks right now. I’m caught between protests and people dying of the rona. My partner at work just got sick and my company didn’t even pay for the testing. He’s still gone. People scream at me in the streets because I’m in uniform, but I’m just tryna keep everyone alive. I feel guilty when someone gets real REAL hurt and I have to take them to a trauma hospital or heart hospital knowing they’re going to be in massive debt or dead because of my decision. I’ve got patients with real Karen energy just out for blood. I drive a 15 year old car, I have no savings, and I haven’t taken a day off in 3 years. My stress levels are at a all time high, I’ve developed a stress rash around my nose, eyes, chest and scalp. Plus a fire truck ran over my favorite watch and I can’t get it glued back together quite right. I have no family, and few friends. I work 24 hour shifts. What else do you want me to say.” –OK_WELL_SHIT


“My dad works in an ER and had some lady who was COVID positive walk around the waiting room without a mask coughing and demanding to “be served” immediately.” –watermelonpizzafries


“I think Manual Sewer cleaner is still the worst job ever. Specially in developing countries with no hazmat suits.” -anonymous


“Nursing home worker.” –Avicii_DrWho


“Working in a fish factory in norway sucking the caviar out of them with a hoover spoon for 8 hours a day on a production line in a feezing cold factory where I couldnt talk to anyone because of the noise/language barrier. Some of the caviar sprayed in my mouth and I thought “well, atleast I can say I’ve tried caviar”. It turned out to be poo the whole time… Then I got demoted to the section where they kill the fish and slice their gils so they bleed out, had to slice a few thousand fishes gils a day. Then when the fish were in season and they would shoot out semen all over the place. One time I somehow managed to stab myself in my right hand even though im right handed. And got covered head to toe in blood and had to start work at 2am every day.” –march2020march


“Customer Service, no matter what year it is, that will be the answer.” –wish3understand


“Customer service for an internet and cable company.

I mean it isn’t horrible, but people sure are. Some people really don’t care about anything other than themselves. Our company stopped going into homes to install DVRs but continued to service them just not install new ones. The amount of people who asked “when will the virus be over” was astonishing. Like we are an internet company not the fucking cdc.” –luckypuffun


“I work for a sex toy company in customer care, one of the biggest internationally. Never been busier. Over 250k orders in 2 weeks, I had to start working full time at the warehouse too just to help them keep up. Come out of it financially well with 2 full time jobs, but WOW it shows you how badly people need sex.” –Izzy760


“Masseur.” –LemonadeOnIce


“Musician would be tough. Hard to make money when you can’t tour.” –Costner_Facts


“Retail cashier at a liquor store. My mask isn’t going to protect me, according to the anti-mask drunks coughing and sneezing while I ring up their purchases.” –Sexybroth


“Anything medicine.

  1. Lack of PPE

  2. Crazy long hours OR:

  3. Getting furloughed because elective stuff is all cancelled.

  4. getting sick from COVID and possibly dying

  5. Not being able to live with your own family due to your constant exposure to COVID” –Damn_Dog_Inappropes


“Shit time to be a contractor working with concrete and no N95s available.” –Vessig


“I’d say small bussiness owner, between the lockdown and the riots too many are gonna have to close permamently, for everyone else you may be out of a job but you have gov’t assistance and can just find a new job, but small bussiness owner is on the hook for whatever debts they might have and have expenses taht are piling up.” –Forikorder


“Wuhan Tourism Board.” –TwoUp22


“Travel agent, specially small/new ones.” –mylifeisntamovie


“Grocery worker.” –Mutombo_says_NO


“Kissing booth operator.” –MrXhin


“Satirist. The real news is so ridiculous you can’t make it up.” –TinusTussengas


“Wait, people have jobs in 2020? Where can I get me one?” –dattsok

h/t r/askreddit

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