37 Times Celebs Thoroughly Embarrassed Themselves On Social Media

Celebrities. They’re just like us. They fail in funny ways and embarrass themselves on social media all the time. Famous people, listen up. Whenever you want to post on Instagram or Twitter, send it to me first. You have my number. First, write the post. Second, reread it. Finally, check with a friend to see if you’re about to embarrass yourself. Otherwise, you’ll end up on this list!

Here are some funny moments when celebrities thoroughly embarrassed themselves on social media:

1. Dean Norris accidentally posts what he meant to search. He gets a pass because we all love Dean Norris.

2. Oprah writes about the great Microsoft Surface… on an iPad.

3. Kim photoshopped her child’s body. 🙁

4. Bow Wow claims he’s flying private, but he’s flying commercial. Was it Spirit? Yikes.

5. Courtney Love cracked the code on where the Malaysian flight ended up, but, nope… she’s looking at a photo of boats.

6. Sadly, she only got 2,000. No new music.

7. Lorde posts a tone-deaf photo of a bathtub with a Whitney Houston lyric.

8. Gordon Ramsay getting rid of those forehead wrinkles like he’s kneading dough.

9. Mirrors can catch you cheating on your spouse with a fan as Robin Thicke learned the hard way.

10. Madonna posted her son getting crunk. He’s 13. Hello, child services?

11. Make sure people can’t see the reflection.

12. Maybe he can only see himself?

13. Slimming down is cool, but not via obvious Photoshop fails.

14. When you click copy/paste too fast.

15. Maybe Lohan’s butt is so big it’s bending space and time?