Sorry To Bother You But Here Are 39 Jokes About Overthinking Everything

21. This is why you should be nice to everyone.

22. I want a reward for actually being a person today.

23. There it is.

Thanks brain, very cool from socialanxiety

24. The only way off this train is to play music loudly over it.

25. A tangled web we weave.

26. I’m trying to listen to a podcast here.

Everytime from socialanxiety

27. Follow the rule: wait 30 seconds after the end of the date.

28. This is the correct answer.

29. Forget your brain. Even the meme is crowded.

30. Same.

31. Let me see what the book actually says, though.

32. No in between.

fashionably late anxiety meme

33. Maybe another time.

let's hang out social anxiety meme

34. Thank you.

don't be anxious anxiety meme

35. Think about it.

you cant feel anxious and weird at a party social anxiety meme

36. The normal amount, yes.

i hear tea helps with anxiety meme

37. “This is my friend. Talk to him. Not me.”

you only know one person social anxiety meme

38. I’m one of you.

trying to act cool anxiety meme

39. I make this look good.

but you're so confident anxiety meme