Sorry To Bother You But Here Are 39 Jokes About Overthinking Everything

Hey. How are you? It’s Dan. Sorry. Did I interrupt? My bad. I’m sorry. I’m overthinking things. I’m nervous. Sadly, I haven’t talked to another human being in a year. My social anxiety is through the roof. Luckily, I found a bunch of funny memes about overthinking that we can read together.

I like you. And I like having friends and relating to others. It’s my favorite hobby. Haha. Does that count as a hobby? Listen, do you like me? Ha! Of course, you do! I was joking. Unless, you know, there’s something you want to get off your chest. No? We’re good? OK. Good.

Sorry, again. I thought you thought I thought this wasn’t going well. It is, though. It’s going extremely well.

If you overthink everything like I do, you’ll love these hilarious memes about anxiety:

1. The time has come.

hey its time overthinking meme

2. What is time, really?

were we supposed to meet at this time overthinking meme

3. I can only feel anger and denial these days.

can i ask you something overthinking meme

4. My go-to.

something little and probably irrelevant happens overthinking meme

5. Shake it off!

6. Literally me.

7. Nothing good can come from the doorbell.

8. The brain is working harder during sleep.

9. Don’t look at me!

Nice from socialanxiety

10. Hold it in.

Me irl from meirl

11. The extra underwear has never failed me.

12. Pick up your cues, please.

13. Great, now imagine you actually wrote the jokes. That’s my life.

14. I’m sorry. Are you waiting for me to say something?

Aye, contact sucks from socialanxiety

15. Could have said “move” like a normal jerk.

That be me from socialanxiety

16. It’s in the secret bookshelf compartment, wait. I’ll go check. Yes. It’s still there.

17. Making it look easy.

18. Eat it up.

19. Let me sleep, brain. My body needs it!

20. Seems normal.