People Are Sharing The Popular Things They Can’t Seem To Relate To

Oscar Wilde said it best: “Whatever is popular is wrong.” He obviously never saw a little show called Supernatural, but I’ll let it slide. The point remains: we’re all individuals. If something suddenly becomes a trend we’re all participating in, how freethinking and original are we, really? Commonality becomes banality and eventually gets dressed up as morality. So, be mindful. Don’t fall for common stuff just because everyone else is.

Aside from The Golden Rule (which no one on Earth seems to actually follow), most common things are bad. Plastic is everywhere, and it’s all ending up in the ocean. Murder and drug addiction seem awfully common, and those are both bad. Love, though mostly positive, is responsible for the movie Love Actually. The popular trends in society will always create a counterculture that can’t understand why the trend is happening.

A Redditor who clearly doesn’t hate everything, but does hate some things, had a question for the subreddit r/askreddit: “What’s a very common thing that you just can’t relate to?”

Here are common things that some people can’t wrap their heads around why they’re so common:

1. Sadly, many of them are thespians.

“Restaurants that force their staff to act, sing or engage in fake banter.

Just make my food please and leave the theatre to the thespians.” –ocrohnahan

2. This is on-brand for someone complaining on the internet.

“The obsession with branded things. Clothes with the brand’s name on them just look tacky for me. I’d much rather have a regular old graphic tee instead of a t-shirt with Gucci on the front in gigantic bold capital letters. It’s pretty whatever most of the time, wear what you want and all that, but the obsession becomes incredibly annoying when people act like they’re better than you because they spend several hundred dollars on a single shirt.” –PerEnooK

3. Playing it close to the vest.

“Sharing your whole, intimate life on facebook/tiktok/instagram/etc. It’s just gross.” –kellydean1

4. I’m going to show this to my fiancée.

“Big expensive weddings.” –itsafrozenburrito

5. The right way to live.

“‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’

I dont give a shit how nice or shiny your things are or mine arent.” –ashibah83

6. Not a good look.

“Thinking that being a dick is funny.” –SasugayUchiha

7. The little things (that seem impossible).

“Having a task to do and just doing it. I have depression and many simple tasks feel like walking with glass in my shoe. I know I can do them, and should, but I often just can’t.” –theatrewhore

8. You’re missing out on the best kind!

“Angry sex and makeup sex. Ew. What? No, if I’m mad at you I don’t want you to fucking touch me.” –damselindetech

9. Take my wife… just kidding!

“Hating your wife, at least it’s common where I live. My wife is amazing and we make each other better!” –Vulpine-Poltergeist

10. A big “why are you doing that?” to everyone.

“Speaker phone in public. I barely even want to take a normal call anywhere in public with a whispered tone.” –ACDunne

11. I need an adult.

“The word “Daddy” used sexually.” –mmeestro

12. Spread out, please.

“Hanging out in loud crowded places.

Give me a place where you can actually have a conversation and elbow room.” –kukukele

13. Run for fun? What the hell kinda fun is that?

“Running as a form of relaxation…” –SDLRob

14. No reason to fight all the time.

“Fighting/yelling/hostility in relationships with my significant other. It could very well stem from my childhood, I guess.

It’s not to say we don’t have disagreements or the relationship is flawless but obstacles always have been resolved without much issue. Fortunately this held true with all of my romantic relationships. I’ve always lived by the saying “conflict is inevitable, fighting is optional.” –the_good_old_daze

15. Being in labor is the party!

“Gender reveal parties.” –Agtatakaw_Itik