19 Men Share Things That Women Do That Make Them Uncomfortable

Men of the world, relax! In fact, stop worrying about anything. It’s time we talked about what makes us uncomfortable in the world. I know. Not many people think this is a major issue. The world, according to everyone, was made for men to exert as little effort as possible. It’s quite nice, really. In my opinion, we really shouldn’t complain. Nevertheless, we will find a way to complain. Men, who supposedly are trained to take everything in stride, are uncomfortable with a few things the opposite sex does.

Some hero on Reddit asked a simple question: “Men, what do women do that unintentionally makes you uncomfortable.” Men, who are usually down for whatever a woman throws at them, had answers. Let’s have a look at them.

Here are the best responses to the question: “What do women do that unintentionally makes men uncomfortable?”:

1. Are you sure she’s flirting, though?

“Being flirtatious or overly complementary in any situation.

Do that if you want to date me, not if you just need me to switch shifts at work.” –Hmmletmec

2. Uhhh, you’re right, but I think men do this too, right?

“I dislike when a person asks for support when they are clearly wrong and that wrongness is the sole reason for the negativity in the person’s life. Why not admit the fault, learn from it, then move on without doing that wrong thing again.” –Tangs87

3. Pretty hard to imagine, I say.

“Acting like they know how living as a man is like.” –AndromedonConstellon

4. Conversation ruining…

“I went on a date with a woman who started talking about her opinion and it seemed to be an opening to a discussion on the topic. It was about her being a hygienist and she said “I had to take out loans for my training, why should that all be on me?” I responded, “could it be because you are the beneficiary of the training?” To which she said, “Stop mansplaining!”

Date over. Don’t use a catch phrase to shut down any discussion you don’t like.” –Accomplished-Gap2307

5. Not all men.

“I know there are some crappy men out there, but when they talk about men being crappy in general, it can feel kind of degrading. Over time, that stuff starts to sink in. Especially being (often) the only guy in a group of girls. I love my friends, but sometimes they can really hurt me without knowing it.” –NebSmailliw_

6. Do you want my advice or not?

“Completely ignoring input during a conversation. Yes, sometimes they just need to vent, but the amount of times that female friends asked me for my opinion on xyz only to not pick up on anything I suggested is quite remarkable.

It is uncomfortable and exhausting in the moment, but since conversations like these won’t happen again in the future I am okay with it in the bigger picture. Maybe she just need some other girl friends to have whatever kind of conversation she was looking for in that moment.” –Homely_Bonfire

7. A dealbreaker.

“Touching me without my consent.” –funkymeditator

8. Close one.

“This older lady at the bar down the street from me likes to get within inches of your face and talk extremely loudly while putting her droopy tiddies on your shoulder and I hate it. You tell her you can hear her just fine and she gets all humpty dumpty and storms off.” –badtouchtiddlywinks

9. Seems nice.

“Bringing up my manhood when I make a mistake or do something they don’t like.” –Weary-Invite1606

10. Interesting.

“This was a single occasion, but I feel more people will have heard something similar: a straight female friend told me that men are way less attractive than women.” –Idesmi

11. No touching!

“Hugging is great. I love being hugged.

It makes me uncomfortable when I ask people to stop and they don’t. I’ve never had this problem with another man.” –wednesday-nights

12. Sticks and stones and fists.

“Hitting me, just stop, at work or randomly a woman will just hit me, sometimes enough to leave a bruise and it’s like “haha so funny”. I’m pretty big so for some reason they seem to think it’s fine, to make my point once with a friend she punched me and I faked that I was going to punch her but obviously didn’t, she half shit herself, sadly still hasn’t gotten the message.” –JPK12794

13. What we talk about when no one else is around.

“The way women talk in detail wink wink about their boyfriends and sex life, is the exact “locker room” talk that as a guy, we’re always accused of having, but never actually have since from my experience, most guys just want to talk about Sport or Nerdshit like Warhammer lore stuff or can you make a Chimp hit peak physical form by giving it a proper weighlifting routine and if so, can a perfect form Chimp beat a UFC fighter?

Also not going to lie, honestly think Women are far more blase about Cheating than guys are. I know that self reported surveys, guys outnumber women in cheating marginally, but from listening to my Women friends… yikes.” –pihkaltih

14. Rude.

“Clicking their nails while being impatient.” –PrimeDirective_

15. On a first date?

“Asking what my job is. And digging into my economic status.” –Ray2020K

16. No one look.

“Stare at me, I never know if it’s a positive look or not.” –00tyredditor93

17. Just fine.

“99% of the time, I’m quiet and I’m fine. asking me if I’m ok every 30 secs will reverse this feeling.” –luker1771

18. Compartmentalizing.

“Trying to put men in categories. Omega beta males and Alpha males in particular, i don’t believe either of which exists. We all deserve to be on an even playing field, there is a person for everyone no need to make such judgements.” –manymanylegs

19. Yes, there it is.

“Being uncomfortable about my presence, just because I’m a man. I do not like knowing I’m the source of somebody’s fear, when I have absolutely no wish to ever harm them, or even make them the slightest bit uncomfortable. I want my presence to be reassuring, like I’ll defend them if something happens, because I would, without hesitation. But I’m instead the bad guy, automatically, and basically accused of every worst nightmare she has, without having to say a word, just because of who I am.” –Walter-S

h/t Reddit: r/AskMen