Well It Looks Like *Almost* Everyone Got The Joke (25 Pics)

Jokes are all over the Internet. Funny ones. Stupid ones. And ones that go over a person’s head no matter how obvious the joke is to others. Woooosh! That’s the sound of a person missing the funny part.

Several people completely missed the point of a bad joke this month and decided to tell the world that they don’t “get” jokes. People who didn’t get the joke are almost as funny as the jokes themselves.

Here are a bunch of people who missed the joke:

1. Don’t mess with this app.

2. Facts about MJ.

3. This person is as dense as whoever tried to balance Detroit’s city budget.

4. I can’t unsee the stickman body.

5. Why wouldn’t anyone listen?

6. More…More!!

7. Missed the joke.

8. She’s a pro.

9. Am I stupid?

10. Can’t read it.

11. A cry for help should not be subtle.

12. She’s sitting.

13. The theory CNN won’t tell you.

14. Minecraft isn’t real life?

15. Makes you think.

16. Hitler broke even, karmically.

17. Wooosh.

18. This barely makes sense and it broke people’s brains.

19. Explain this, idiots.

20. Improv is so cool.

21. Check the math.

22. Just wanted some honest feedback.

23. Climate change will eventually affect us all.

24. When a woman and a plant love each other very much…

25. This guy knows about bugs.

h/t r/woooosh