People Are Sharing Infuriating Things They’ve Seen On Transportation (24 Photos)

There are many entitled people in the world. There are always up to something that’s mildly infuriating.

Thankfully, there are good people in this world doing the Lord’s work by shaming them. These brave souls took out their cameras and started snapping the offenders on planes, trains, and buses all over the world.

Let it be known: anyone with a big bag on the train should put it between their legs, and those legs belong on the floor, not across a row of seats. We have to follow some rules. Otherwise, everything is chaos.

Here are a few people who prove that we don’t all deserve to get where we’re going if we’re this entitled on transportation:

1. What’s mine is yours.

2. You showed them!

3. Peekaboo.

4. Good work, everyone.

5. Put your headphones on.

6. Gross.

7. That’s none of my business.

8. Interesting.

9. Only in New York!

10. Not like anyone else is getting on the train.

11. Just unplug it and see what happens.

12. Standing room only.

13. Seems like it will be a long flight.

14. Someone else will pick it up.

15. The other shoe has dropped.

16. Why shouldn’t I be the only one who can use this poll?

17. Almost got it.

18. Really taking as much room as possible.

19. Please leave.

20. Why though?

21. Just put that anywhere.

22. Hello, new friend.

23. Boss, I fixed train platform.

24. Then again, maybe public transit doesn’t deserve us.

h/t Reddit: r/mildlyinfuriating