Wow, There Wasn’t A Better Way To Design That? (25 Mildly Infuriating Pics)

If you’re a perfectionist like I am, these mildly infuriating photos will probably make you angry. If, however, you love seeing evidence of people giving up, these funny design fails are for you!

Not everyone thinks through their design ideas. Honestly, I gave up on learning how to draw bubble letters in 3rd grade.

Some people, though, clearly had one simple job, and they butchered it. Thankfully, the people of Reddit compiled these terrible designs so we could all laugh at them together.

Here are the funniest design fails that are mildly infuriating if you’re a perfectionist:

1. What have they done to him?

2. One of the Xs is upside down.

3. Fixed the brick walk, boss.

4. Who put that there and what did they know?

5. I’m sure the results are easy to read.

6. Good work, Apple.

7. Measure twice, cut once.

8. I would lose my mind.

9. Did I take my pills this morning?

10. An A or a D?

11. America! Where the logos are always bigger.

12. I bet the publisher thought this was an upgrade.

13. The mouse.

14. LEGO holder will hold a few forever.

15. Why, though?

16. Perfection.

17. Glad to meet you.

18. All of the lights.

19. Wow! 4 tickets!

20. It’s Tea Tea Time.

21. Missed a few.

22. Sit over there, please.

23. When the puzzle answer in the back cheated.

24. What does this pillow say?

25. When you want a hot and cold and hot shower.

h/t Reddit: r/mildlyinfuriating