32 Target Employees Call Out Customers Who Just Straight Up Disrespected The Store

I’ve never really done manual labor, but I have worked retail in multiple stores. It’s soul-crushing and exhausting and you can’t really tell if you’d rather be in the backroom scanning orders or out on the floor taking questions from customers.

Either way, that day will sap you of your will to do anything.

Sadly, most customers don’t realize this and often make the employees’ lives worse. Frankly, most stores would be perfect if customers never showed up.

That’s the dream. Unfortunately, these Targets saw the worst of the worst customers.

Here are photos that prove Target customers need to do better when they’re out in public places:

1. Someone ripped the heads off of all these toys.

2. Bodybuilder decided it was time for a photoshoot here.

3. Back to school sale.

4. Sometimes it’s enough to write a negative review.

5. “I’ll wear this out.”

6. Someone left this used pregnancy test on the floor. At least it’s negative?

7. Used diaper on the shelf. Thank you.

8. Great parking job.

9. They found love at Target.

10. Someone stole all the keys.

11. That’s not where that goes.

12. No pants, no service.

13. Hoarding is what big retail is all about.

14. Maybe they should put up a sign that says “don’t put your ass on these groceries.”

15. Yum!

16. Gotta try it out sometimes.

17. A Walmart shopping cart made it in.

18. Modeling the freezer, I see.

19. Someone tested this electric razor.

20. Grown man throwing candy on the floor.

21. Well done.

22. Using the clearance nail polish because God is dead.

23. Some of those cards could have been worth something!

24. Big yikes!

25. Poop on the blankets.

26. Someone set up the mannequins this way.

27. Customer left a slice of pizza on this computer.

28. Someone grabbed a six pack and finished it before leaving.

29. We needed a sign for this?

30. That’s not where that goes I’m guessing.

31. Someone wrecked the champagne shelf and left it for the employees to clean up.

32. That’s not a trash can!

h/t Reddit: r/Target