That’s Great, But Can I Get My Food On, You Know, An Actual Plate? (21 Pics)

“We want plates!” That’s what we’re all saying nowadays when we’re at restaurants. You remember restaurants, right? They were like your kitchen but in another indoor space that you were legally allowed to eat in. But, even with the world in the state it’s currently in, chefs at fancy restaurants are still taking it too far. People like to eat off of plates. People are ignored. Who knows better how to serve food? Some foodie? Some paying customer? No. Indeed, regular people may know how to cook, but do they know how to serve? Only a professional knows. The people posting on r/wewantplates seem to think it’s funny to turn food into art. Plebians! If you want plates, go to some normal place to eat.

Restaurants take it too far when serving food that belongs on a plate:

1. Hear me out: what about serving this in separate bowls?

2. A funny way to choke on an entire fish.

3. I bet the chef gave more detailed instructions for plating this than a LEGO manual.

4. Pumpkin spice everything including the bowl.

5. Mostly upset that we’re trying to ban straws, but now chefs are using straws as forks?

6. Super size me.

7. This one is actually an ode to a Salvador Dali sculpture (look it up, nerds). It doesn’t mean you should eat it this way.

8. These folks said their food tasted like an ash tray, and were informed later that it was served… in an ash tray. Check, please.

9. Chargers go under the plate. They aren’t a plate.

10. Funny how much chef made this look like a crime scene.

11. If you are going to serve fries like this, it better be a lot more fries like the photo above.

12. Proteins are the building blocks of life, so why not serve a burger on a building block instead of a plate?

13. If you want to put it on a piece of wood instead of a plate, why not just put it directly on the table?

14. If you could keep the box, I’d be into it. But, I’m guessing they ask you if you want a to-go box when you leave.

15. When you finish eating, you can practice long division on the chalkboard.

16. I order bone-in meat, but this is ridiculous. Folks!

17. Well, at least they lit it well even if they didn’t plate it well.

18. Mmmm. Quick question. Was this on the floor?

19. Funny. This all belongs in the same bowl.

20. If the fries are soft enough to drink, they haven’t been cooked long enough.

21. Salt Bae.

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