21 Foods Americans Eat That Non-Americans Find Disgusting

Non-Americans need to know something about America. We will eat anything. As long as it’s bad for us. Take it from me, the fattest writer on this website. Someone taught me in college to put cereal on my ice cream and my life (and cholesterol) will never be the same. Why do Americans eat so much? I’ll tell you why: because we beat the Nazis, that’s why. Let us enjoy ourselves for 10-12 decades, all right?? Get off our fat-roll-covered backs, and let us eat. Maybe you’re the one with the problem!

Here are disgusting American foods that Non-Americans can’t believe we eat:

1. Sounds like you don’t enjoy fun.

2. I, for one haven’t eaten a vegetable since the 90s

3. We spend less time cracking jokes, and more time eating potatoes.

4. Still unsure if I even like movies or if I just like eating this combo.

5. If there’s some kind of ‘bacon spoon’ that gets the bacon in my mouth faster, I’m all ears.

6. Some do. Others reach for the hot sauce (spicier ketchup).

7. Pie is as American as… Apple pie.

8. Americans eat everything with butter, actually.

9. I’d like to solve the puzzle as to why this person hates joy.

10. It’s not a meal unless an animal and a tree die.

11. Correction: we eat pizza with anything on it.

12. Yes.

13. It’s a balanced breakfast, dummie! I eat how the ads tell me to eat.

14. We are a sloppy people.

15. Two great tastes that taste great together.

16. It’s always gone by the time I ask for it at Thanksgiving, so I thought it was a myth for awhile too.

17. Some monsters eat beans on toast. I’d rather eat this.

18. Calling fries “chips” is weirder.

19. Congratulations, you’ve never lived.

20. Wait until she finds out when we eat it.

21. Well, only my mom’s side of the family. They live in the woods.

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