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That’s Great, But Can I Get My Food On, You Know, An Actual Plate? (21 Pics)

“We want plates!” That’s what we’re all saying nowadays when we’re at restaurants. You remember restaurants, right? They were like your kitchen but in another indoor space that you were legally allowed to eat in. But, even with the world in the state it’s currently in, chefs at fancy restaurants are still taking it too far.

People like to eat off of plates. People are ignored. Who knows better how to serve food? Some foodie? Some paying customer? No. Indeed, regular people may know how to cook, but do they know how to serve? Only a professional knows.

The people posting on r/wewantplates seem to think it’s funny to turn food into art. Plebians! If you want plates, go to some normal place to eat.

Restaurants take it too far when serving food that belongs on a plate:

1. There’s a plate somewhere under there.

2. Grab one, I guess.

3. It’s like an Edible Arrangement but it sucks.

4. The creepiest plate from Indonesia.

5. This trolley seemed like a lot of work when you could have just put it on a plate.

6. Can you make it look like the sandwich is bleeding into my soup?

7. Can you make the salad look unhealthy?

8. The next time you can’t find a drink holder for your coffee, remember this place used them all.

9. Are they… drying?

10. This should only happen in the even of an apocalypse, which I guess we’re currently in.

11. An egg carton. An. Egg. Carton.

12. Tacos on a log is way less healthy than ants on a log.

13. Why not shove every flavor imaginable in there?

14. Dessert shoe.

15. Makes you wonder where they dug up the fries.

16. EXTREME sushi.

17. Fish on the skull of a fish is probably the creepiest one I’ve seen so far.

18. This only makes sense if you’re going to tip it into your mouth and see how many you can get in there.

19. I like it when my corndogs can relax before I eat them.

20. Just like mama never made it.

21. This is chocolate made to look like horse manure on a shovel that cleans up horse manure. Wow… No thank you.

h/t Reddit: r/WeWantPlates

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