Interesting Reading Choice, You Do Know You’re In Public, Right? (96 Pics)

16. If an angry person near you on the train smells it, then yes.

17. The problem with this book is that when you look up from it, the message is still staring you in the face.

18. I’m guessing many have wet dreams since they need a lot of water to survive. I’m sorry.

19. The answer is yes. Saved you a long read.

20. Seeing this one on the train is only a problem if you’re deathly afraid of train accidents.

21. I’m going to have a Freudian slip the next time I try to say this phrase.

22. The real zombies are the drones going to and from work every day, am I right? Society, man. Wow.

23. A good book but it dips halfway through and never really bounces back.

24. I’m going to pick this one up because I love learning about things I’ve never experienced myself.

25. Hey, girl. Aren’t we all trapped in a way?

26. Even Michael Phelps can’t help but look over this person’s shoulder.

27. I can stretch out several if you just give me 20 minutes to recover.

28. Mine’s telling me not to drink so much coffee before getting on the train.

29. I don’t need a book to say this for me when I’m already wearing it on my face.

30. The future is female. Read up.