Interesting Reading Choice, You Do Know You’re In Public, Right? (96 Pics)

46. The book is long because there are so many possible ways it could go.

47. I don’t know if a book is going to help you more than life experience.

48. One of the following won’t ever let you down.

49. I saw a few books on this list that could put it on life support.

50. This one gave me a great idea for a mystery novel about a sexy day trader called “Stocks and Bondage.”

51. Hey, wait a minute. That guy got two ladies.

52. Reading about it in public instead of experiencing it your whole life is the subject in a nutshell.

53. Looks like a good read — hey!

54. Hopefully, they’re reading them in the right order.

55. The sequel to the children’s book ‘Pete’s a Pizza,’ where an old couple threatens to eat a kid.

56. If you’re comfortable reading about this in public, I’m guessing yours is long gone.

57. Step one: talk to people instead of reading so much.

58. You have to read this on the commute because reading it at home will get you killed.

59. I’ve never been more confused about a subway sighting, and I once saw a guy do stand-up on the train.

60. Quick! Read it faster! Someone who wants to mug you just got on the train.