Interesting Reading Choice, You Do Know You’re In Public, Right? (96 Pics)

31.A man probably tried to explain something to her while she was holding this book.

32. The saddest part is when you thought you had something good, but they suddenly stop writing back.

33. And, lo, the flood lasted 40 nights after getting in touch with her body.

34. I assume this was meant to be bathroom reading.

35. Woe unto anyone trying to talk to the person holding this book.

36. We call this an “inside thought.”

37. Is this an entire book of dares?

38. I have a great pitch for a short film I’d like to make at The Strand Bookstore now.

39. I’m guessing this isn’t a hobby you can just jump into after reading one book about it.

40. Now I’m just an old one.

41. That’s a lot of pages for a list of 11 herbs and spices.

42. The big question on everyone’s mind.

43. I thought the erotic part was right after the massage.

44. Same.

45. You need to keep tabs on them.