Interesting Reading Choice, You Do Know You’re In Public, Right? (96 Pics)

61. Clearly, this book is fictional. Right? Oh no.

62. This book is basically my bible.

63. Reading this outside is a cry for help.

64. There’s a lot of text on the cover, so I hope the inside is full of drawings.

65. When you think “maybe I should stop taking photos of the books I see on the subway?”

66. Chapter 1, I had some sex. Chapter 2, more sex. Chapter 3, good God… will the sex ever stop?

67. This is why you buy an e-reader. Cops are all over the subway now.

68. ‘What to Expect When You’re About To Get Dirty Looks From A Parent.’

69. “Wow. Your shell is so hard!”

70. I’ve seen guys in the park holding up signs that say this too. Different vibe.

70. A winning combination in my book.

71. The Man won’t let them publish a conventional book with this title, so you have to get it in pamphlet form.

72. You open this book and it’s just pictures of your fellow commuters’ faces. Wow!

73. No more sex with animals that have a cloven hoof, I guess.

74. Take out your aggression on the cover of a book, I see.

75. A good problem no one who’s been seen reading this actually has.