Interesting Reading Choice, You Do Know You’re In Public, Right? (96 Pics)

76. A great practical joke is hiding all the bedpans.

77. At least we know they eat it in some context.

78. Very hard not to do.

79. Ask me about my coven!

80. This is the future liberals want.

81. Sounds specific.

82. I’ve done a lot of research on this myself, but not through books.

83. I’m making a t-shirt with this phrase on it.

84. “The Reverse Doggy-style” is likely on the list.

85. What are friends for, really?

86. I will file this under “questions that keep me up at night.”

87. Technically a book since the word “book” is in it.

88. Wait for it… wait for it…

89. You learn a lot about your body when it’s pressed against five different people at once.

90. Half the people on the subway, TBH.